Witches Fingers

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Witches Fingers
Kingdom The North
Continent Northern
Region Northern Reaches
Other Names Land of Smoke & Mirrors, The Eeiry, The Fingers
Population 250,000 to 300,000
Religious/Guild Affiliation None
Climate Moderate to cool
Terrain Plains, Hills
Primary Language Common, Outlandish

When one thinks of the Witches Fingers, the first word that comes to mind is Strange. The area is home to a poorly understood race of humanoids called Outladers (also: Offlanders). This grassland area south of the Lands of the Frosted Men yet north of the Fertile Plains seems very much like the Fertile Plains below it, with an abundance of good farmland and ample rivers, but not much life is present. Outlander strangeness has put fear into the rest of Erth, so most avoid the area. There are a few outpost towns scattered around, as well as some large manor estates, but just about every settlement is plagued by the presence of Outlanders.


No one is really sure how the Outlanders came to be or why they are centered around the Witches Fingers. Even the Outlanders fail to offer any insight to their own origins. The Fingers region, however has obvious roots in farming given that much of it is so flat and exposed to fresh water streams. Most settlements here, if inhabited, went through several periods of abandonment over their existence, leaving few records behind. There is a constabulary of sorts, of about a dozen men who make the circuit to various locales to check in on people.

Pre-Erth history

This unfortunate area of old Earth was quite a large population center in its day. However the same functionality that allowed it to sustain so many people hastened its demise and sent the few survivors into an ethereal stasis from which they may never awaken from. Any buildings or monuments to this old locale are long gone, unless buried well under the ground.


Mostly flat plains with gentle, rolling hills, the Witches Fingers look and feel beautiful. Or rather they would if everything did not contain a grey pallor and feel devoid of life. Wandering through this area you are bound to come across a few settlements or stately country homes, though odds are in favor they sit abandoned.


Temperatures are steady most of the year around 45-65. Snow is rare but rain is a regular occurrence on the average of 1-2 inches per week scattered over 3 or 4 days. The sky is nearly always cloudy, and little sun seeps through, if any at all.


Mostly flat, some rolling hills to the north. Many small streams meander through the area, so travel across the land means often fording the same stream many times over as they cross over and double back on themselves many times over.

Flora & Fauna

Grasslands, praire grass, scrub grass, alternating and with patches of larger (6’) tubegrass and various weeds. Occasional short and stocky trees, although anything over 10’ likely did not withstand the frequent straight-line winds.

Bodies of water


People of the Witches Fingers are a mostly solitary and lonely breed, often choosing to live there as an escape from traditional lifestyles yet not completely ready to opt for total solitude. Rather they enjoy the random and ethereal presence of the Outlanders, using them as focal points for communication with their own inner demons. Those craving a bit more social presence find themselves in one of the settlements with other like-minded loners, otherwise there are numerous manor houses and farmsteads standing vacant for them to appropriate.

Racial makeup

Non-Outlanders are simply a random mix of most human backgrounds; there is no dominant group. Few non-human races are found here other than Outlanders. No one really knows the full numbers of the Outlanders, but a guess stands around a one-to-one ratio of human to Outlander.


As mentioned before, there is a constabulary of a dozen men that ride The Fingers on a regular circuit, however they do little but check in on people and settlements to an unofficial record of the mostly transient people. Crime does happen, usually ending in murder with little chance of any justice or punishment. In fact, it might not be noticed or discovered at all.


Wealth is not measured much in The Fingers; you have it or you don’t, makes no difference. Residents trade with passing merchants or drink themselves into oblivion in poorly-run taverns as an excuse to part with any coin they have. Once their coin is gone they leach off other residents until they drift away and disappear.

Politics and government

No real government exists, however the constables assume some of the responsibilities of that structure. They self-govern and self-recruit, giving them an autonomous feel.

Even constables do not get involved in resident affairs that often, tending to turn the other cheek and wait the issue out rather than risk their own lives over people who came to The fingers to die anyway.


Some trade exists along major roads and population centers. Just enough to supply food and spirits. A fairly lucrative fortune telling industry has sprouted up over the last few years, claiming the ability to communicate with Outlanders on a regular basis to enlist their help on various issues. There is no proof either way as to if the ability is real or a hoax.

Points of interest

There are no major or relevant points of interest in the Witches Fingers

Neighboring Regions

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