Valley of the Giant Men

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Valley of the Giant Men
Kingdom None
Continent Northern
Region Northern Reaches
Other Names
Population Unknown
Religious/Guild Affiliation Unknown
Climate Cold, Barren
Terrain Mountains, Mixed
Primary Language Giantish

The Valley of the Giant Men is quite a mystery. Home to the Giant Men, the land is harsh and unforgiving and few other races make the difficult journey. Merchant trains venture forth after the spring thaw, visiting a few known Giant Men settlements, but mostly humans and Giant Men keep their distance. Giant men are mostly tribal, their portable settlements move with the herds of the giant pachyderms as they migrate around the region. Whatever Mana alterations the region faced which caused Giant Men to grow to roughly ten-feet tall on average, it has long-since dissipated. Ashamed of their height, Giant Men avoid trips outside their region and prefer only the utmost minimum contact with normal men. They allow only merchants to pass unmolested so they may trade their abundant pachyderm ivory and bone for items unavailable in their region.


Longstanding history shows the Giant Men as always keeping themselves isolated. Even during the rotegoblin infestations, Giant Men offered no assistance to the Northmen along the Sadlands borders. It is not known if the portions of the Valley of the Giant Men that border the Sadlands also face rotegoblin attacks. Rumors from merchants that trade with the Giant Men tell stories of how the rotegoblins tried only once to pass through their lands and that the force of Giant Men they encountered obliterated them to the point where rotegoblins have not set foot on their lands in over 1,500 years.

Pre-Erth history

Partial histories of the area describe how the Valley of the Giant Men was once a lush, forested area that celebrated all four seasons, not just the bone-chilling cold that exists there now. The histories also mention that the Giant Men evolved from a race of beautiful, blonde and fair-skinned people who lived there in a prior age. These people were hit hard and fast with Mana sickness that enlarged them from normal human-sized to half-again or even double sized. Once this mutation happened, the land purged itself of Mana and the Giant Men remain little changed since then.


Vast mountains and stony wastes are dotted with occasional pockets of trapped warm air that create a lush oasis in the midst of bone-chilling cold. Typically located under or near an oasis are caves or ancient lava tubes that pump warm air up from Erth’s core. Giant Men protect these oases and caves with a fury no man would want to go up against.


Cold, some snow, but mostly cold. Severe wind creates wind-chills so low (especially at night) that exposure of skin for more than a few minutes results in frostbite. Daytime highs, without the windchill factor, hover right around freezing, with nighttime lows in the single digits.


Terrain in the Valley is mostly rocky, with large deposits of granite making it difficult for anything to grow. Large granite outcroppings form barrier mountains that must be carefully scaled or bypasses through a pass or draw.

Flora & Fauna

Not much grows here, however in the warm-air oasis settings many varieties of plains grasses and scrub pines have carved out a niche. In the warmer summer months flowers make an appearance amidst the grasses and several berry plants bear fruit.

Some creatures make their home, almost entirely living in an oasis. Small woodland animals such as squirrels and mice provide a food source for a warm-blooded variety of snake called the Alice. Pachyderms, the furry breed, are abundant throughout the Valley of the Giant Men, and are the giant’s primary food source. Giant Men follow the pachyderms over the course of their migrations from oasis to oasis, not only feeding off the animals but utilizing 100% of the carcass as well. Giant Men could survive indefinitely off of pachyderm hunting, with no need to trade with the outside world.

Bodies of water

None notable.


Population of the Giant Men is estimated between 5,000 and 500,000. No known accurate census of the area has ever occurred.

Racial makeup

Giant Men are the only sentient inhabitant of the region.


Crime within the tribe handled by the tribal elders. Any crime performed by an outsider results in their death.



Politics and government

Tribal, with tribe rule conducted by a council of elder males within the tribe. Tribes interact minimally, but do meet on occasion to resolve disputes or make marriage arrangements.



Points of interest


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