Tobin's Jig

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Tobin's Jig
Kingdom Queen of Baroque
Continent Northern
Region Mid-lands
Other Names Smithcrafthall Village
Population 700
Religious/Guild Affiliation Smithcrafthall
Climate Moderate
Terrain Forested plains
Primary Language Common

The town of Tobin’s Jig is one of the oldest Mid-land towns around. Originally springing up around the Smithcrafthall, the town can trace its lineage all the way back to the founding owner of a one-room shack housing the only general store for miles around. That one-room store eventually grew into a major retail operation once the initial smithy grew into a Master Crafthall, branching out into boarding houses, ale houses and even such mundane things like coffin-making and farming. At present time, all major and most minor business and buildings belong to a member of the Descendants of Tobin Society.


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