Shallows of Yor

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Shallows of Yor
Kingdom The North
Continent Northern
Region Northern Reaches
Other Names Yor, The Wash, The Wet Desert, The Shallows
Population Unknown
Religious/Guild Affiliation None
Climate Moderate, Humid
Terrain Desert, Marsh, Salt Water
Primary Language Marshlander

The Shallows are an enormous stretch of land hovering at about three feet below sea level, so that when the tide is in, the waterline is far inland, however when the tide goes out several thousand square miles of barren and sandy land is in view. Numerous shipwrecks and abandoned structures dot the landscape. Some tried to live in the Shallows, creating pits where fish would be trapped when the tide receded, but there are many dangers to living there. The Marshlanders, a species of deadly reptilian creatures, call the area home, living in great underground warrens that are both submerged and filled with breathable air. None of these warrens have ever been located, or at least anyone who has found one never returned alive to discuss it.


Most historians are convinced that the Shallows was once a major, perhaps even the largest, population center in its day. Rumors abound of massive cities with buildings that reached the sky covered most of the area now known as the Wet Desert. Some rumors elude to these cities as sinking in the soft sand and being swallowed whole. This giving the basis for the underground warrens of the Marshlanders. It is also hinted at that the Marshlanders are the genetically mutated decedents of these cities as well.

Pre-Erth history

This coastal region did indeed lay claim to having multiple, overlapping, high-density population centers. Underground faults, triggered by apocalyptic-inspired earthquakes, caused plate shifting and what remained of the eastern seaboard sunk deep into the ocean floor. It is possible many of the larger metropolis areas remain partially intact and trapped in the mire below the Wet Desert. Enterprising adventurers have been trying to devise a way to get back down there to regain some of the technology and treasures of the Old Earth.


There are only two geographic formats in the Wet Desert: Wet and Desert. With a consistant 3’ below sea level the land becomes muddy, wet sand around mid-tide, completely underwater within an hour later on the upside or completely dry an hour later on the down side. With tides fully changing roughly twice per day, that equates to a geography that is 6 hours wet, then 6 dry, another 6 wet and another 6 dry.


High humidity is present at all times, since even in the dry hours the water is still there, just resting a foot or three underground. There is very little rain, and the temperatures are roughly 70-80 at night and 80-90 by day.


Flat. Thus, when fully wet the deepest the water is rests at 3’.

Flora & Fauna

None. A bit of seaweed here and there, but basically totally devoid of plant life. Potable water, too, is also non-existent. A body must have adaptation to salt water, or carry their own supply of freshwater. Plenty of fish and mollusks get trapped in the low tide, so food is readily available. However a means to cook it can be troublesome.

Bodies of water


The only known residents of the Shallows of Yor are the Marshlanders. These lizard-like people dwell in underground layers built out of the sand. Access to their liar is via moonpools in the floor of the entrance chambers, so one must dive 20’ to 30’ feet down a narrow tunnel of salt water before the tunnel turns and loops upward into the moonpool within the chamber. Once inside, one does not need to go underwater again until departure. No one has quite figured out yet how the stale interior air circulates to remain fresh.

Racial makeup

More information about Marshlanders can be found elsewhere. It is safe to assume any non-Marshlander found in their lair is a prisoner or slave. Intruders will be captured or killed on sight.


Marshlanders police their own when it comes to crime. They have no interest in the laws of any other race.


Gold is important to the Marshlander culture, and they have a strange sense that allows them to actually smell gold. Not only can they determine location of gold through smell, but they can also determine the quality and volume of the deposit, too. From the coins in your pocket to the chest buried in your back yard, Marshlanders know where and how much is there by just being within 20’ feet of it. Marshlanders also earn a lucrative living employed as “sniffers” for mining operations.

Politics and government

Very little is understood about the politics of the Marshlanders.


Nothing of note

Points of interest

It is rumored that massive underground cities from the old world are buried deep underground, only accessible by first traveling through Marshlander warrens.

Neighboring Regions

Neighboring Cities/Towns