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Kingdom None
Continent Northern
Region Northern Reaches
Other Names
Population Unknown
Religious/Guild Affiliation Unknown
Climate Sandy, Barren
Terrain Mountains, Mixed
Primary Language None

No one knows much about the Sadlands. Long believed to be the home and spawning place of rotegoblins, humans avoid the region at all costs. Occasional military campaigns venture into its desolate geography to battle rotegoblins on their own soil; however no outpost, town or human settlement of any kind exists there permanently. The forbidding layout of the Sadlands provides many favorable military defensive positions, with high cliff walls and mountains separated by narrow, restricting passes. But the toxicity of the land prohibits any stay longer than a few short weeks.

O’bec Mountains

The O’bec Mountains are the primary chain of mountains throughout the Sadlands. Multi-hued limestone cliffs are littered with crumbly gravel that make climbing treacherous. High salt content keeps plant and animal life to near zero, and the toxicity of the salt itself is high enough to kill most humans within a few weeks of breathing in the atomized atmosphere. A multitude of caves, carved by wind, erosion and rotegoblins permeate the mountain range. Many of those caves connect with tunnels that stretch farther underground that any human as successfully ventured.

O’bec Divide

The uppermost peak of the O’bec Mountains marks the epicenter of the O’bec Divide. This geological feature represent the extreme farthest point beyond which no human has ever reached. The height of the mountains prohibits going over them, as the air is too thin to breathe. The lone pass through to the other side is overrun with rotegoblins and other ilk too horrid to describe. The only possible way to reach the other side would be traveling under the mountains in the vast network of caves. This has proved to be impossible to date.

Friendship Pass

The strangely named Friendship Pass is the only known pass through the O’bec Mountains past the O’bec Divide. Historians speculate some cruel joke spawned the name, however they concede it may be a holdover from a previous age before rotegoblins existed. The pass is more than a two-week solid march from the Triad boarder, which would also require a two-week return trip, placing any army at the extent of their safe allotment of time within the Sadlands toxic atmosphere.


Little history exists about the Sadlands, and few people care. Live was quiet along the Triad boarders until three-thousand years ago when rotegoblins first made their appearance. The infestation was minimal until 1,500 years ago when hordes of rotegoblins appeared rushing through Friendship Pass at an alarming rate. The great Northern cities were quickly fortified have been working hard to keep the numbers of rotegoblins on this side of the O-bec Divide to a minimum.

Pre-Erth history

Nothing is known about the Sadlands during pre-Erth ages.


The Sadlands are a vast wasteland, filled with rocky limestone buttes, cliffs and mesas. Canyon floors consist of gravel and sand.


Sunny and hot every day, with clear skies and near-freezing temperatures at night.


Rough and unyielding, travel through the Sadlands is not an enjoyable event. Sadlands guides, known as Saddies, are required to avoid facing injury or getting lost.

Flora & Fauna

The extreme salt content of the land prevents anything from growing. A scattered few pods of cacti have taken root, however their flesh is poisonous as well as any liquid siphoned off from them. There are no known living animals within the Sadlands. Large ants and ant colonies have been reported close to the Triad border where the insects can cross over to find living plant matter to carry back to their home.

Bodies of water




Racial makeup

Only rotegoblins exist here.





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