Northern Reaches

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The Northern Reaches
Kingdom Multiple/Scattered
Continent Northern
Region The Northern Reaches
Other Names Northland, The North
Population Unknown
Climate Varies
Terrain Mountainous boarded by Ocean and Plains
Primary Language Several, Common mostly

Situated in the North of the Northern Continent, encompassing a wide array of geography from bordering on the Fertile Plains in the South, to the approaching Sadness in the West right up to the Ocean of the East, lies the enigma of the Northern Reaches. With a wide variety of inhabitants of all sorts of races, including the eerie pockets of strange goings-on in the vicinity of the Witches Fingers, the Northern reaches is only dwarfed in size and strangeness by the lands of the Southern Continent.

Broken up into several regions, the Northern Reaches really shares no common form of government or any other authority. Much of the land is uninhabitable; creating pockets that are so diverse they could never be lumped together under a common cause. Indeed, many dwellers of these lands are not even corporeal and prefer to play little to no role in the shaping of humanity.

Much of the activity seen in these lands heralds from the far eastern geography and the larger cities that reside along the coast. What passes for government there is the Commonwealth of Independent City-States, usually just referred to as The Commonwealth. New Ork is the primary political seat of The Commonwealth and carries the most delegates, however it is widely known that The Commonwealth is really controlled by pirates and thieves.

In the far north, a strange race of creatures known as the Frosted Men are found. They keep to themselves and rarely venture south of the Coldstone Mountains. In the central area of the Reaches, a group of lakes and rivers from what is called the Witches Fingers. This area suffered quite hard from the cataclysm and strange things are present here. Most people avoid the area entirely, however a few pockets of civilization have formed mainly as trading posts or small manufacturing facilities. There are definite areas to avoid, however, and some places are just downright deadly.

Perhaps one of the stranger aspects of the area in general is the frequency of appearance of the Phased-Out people. The Ghost Men, as they are called seem to be more concentrated here. They are a truly unknown race, seldom taking part in anything mortal. In fact, if encountered it is rare that they will even take notice of you, often simply walking right through you or a nearby structure of substance as if there were nothing there. They are out of phase with the rest of the world, giving them a ghostly appearance, and always seem lost in thought as if they had all the time in the world to accomplish nothing. They have no home, per se, but wander Erth working on whatever project they feel is important to them. Some have even been rumored to follow mortal people around as if studying them for some reason. When that is the case, there is no way to shake them, they can and will find you anywhere. It is best not to cross them, otherwise they can turn you into one of their own kind.

Further down south below the coastal city of New Ork are the Shallows of Yor. The Shallows are an enormous stretch of land hovering at about three feet below sea level, so that when the tide is in, the waterline is far inland, however when the tide goes out several miles of barren and sandy land is in view. Numerous shipwrecks and abandoned structures dot the landscape. Some tried to live in the Shallows, creating pits where fish would be trapped when the tide receded, but there are many dangers to living there. Several species of deadly reptilian creatures call the area home, living in great underground warrens that are both submerged and filled with breathable air. None have ever been located, or at least anyone who has found one never returned alive to discuss it.


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