New Ork

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New Ork
Kingdom The North
Continent Northern
Region Northern Reaches
Other Names None
Population 1,000,000+
Religious/Guild Affiliation Many
Climate Moderate, Damp
Terrain Rolling Hills, Mixed
Primary Language Common

The largest city on the East Ocean coast, and the third-largest city overall in The North, New Ork is home to thieves, smugglers, pirates and generally any sort of criminal enterprise. Even the traditional occupations and business have some form of criminal aspect to them, usually fronts to launder money. The city itself is divided into four zones: The Warf, The Grave Yard, Thieves Den & Capitol Hill.

Warf Rats

The Warf, or Warf for short, represents the entire edge of the city that touches the East Ocean. As one would expect, this part of the city is home to all sorts of shipping and pirate related things. One cannot get to the open water without first passing through The Warf.

Thieves Den

Approximately from the city center to the south gates, this part of New Ork is Thieves Guild territory. Nothing moves in or out without knowledge and approval of Guild authorities. No one carries valuables through this part of the city, as any stranger is a guaranteed mark.

Capitol Hill

This is where the residents are mostly above the law. This does not mean they are legitimate or lawful, only that they are above it. Rich and stately homes and townhouses are plenty here, all occupied by crime bosses or corrupt politicians. This part of town is roughly from the city center to the north gate.

The Grave Yard

A horrible slum, this is where the poor, homeless and discarded reside.


New Ork was one of the first five recorded settlements in Erth history. It is a major trading hub for the entire eastern seaboard, and a haven for pirates and thieves. Jealous of its cousin to the west, the The Triad, for holding the honor of the capital of the Northland, it prefers to think of itself as acting autonomously. A sham government led by a relative of the King of the North holds court on Capitol Hill, but the real decisions and leadership comes from various crime bosses around town.

Pre-Erth history

New Ork claims it can trace its existence back to old Earth, displaying various relics it claims are from the cities past. In truth, it is more geographically consistent with the city of Philadelphia, as most of the New York costal region broke off the mainland, swallowed up by the sea. Any reference to its namesake is mistakenly associated with artifacts someone from the past may have relocated from another area.


The city of New Ork itself is surrounded with an abundance of smaller towns and villages, where the “normal” folk live. Once out of the populated areas the countryside is beautiful, with rolling hills and dark, abundant forests of deciduous trees and stately pines. Several small bodies of water house getaway retreats for the rich and idle, with tiny, picturesque hamlets nearby to support the manor houses. The coastal region is also fairly populated with beach homes and fishing villages.


Typical four seasons shape the weather of the New Ork region.


As above. Ranges from gentle rolling hills, to deep and dark forests, to exotic sandy beaches.

Flora & Fauna

New Ork has everything but tropical plants. The northern region, which sees more snow and cooler weather, has more pines than deciduous trees.

Bodies of water

East Ocean


Northerners and Plainsmen make ups most of the population. Only the poor and rich live in the city, the entire range of middle class live in the surrounding towns.

Racial makeup

Nearly all human, with an occasional Marshlander or (even more rare) one of the giantish men. The mix of humans is mostly Northerners and Plainsmen.


Crime is a way of life in the city. With a huge and well organized Thieves Guild presence as well as being home to the controlling interests surrounding piracy, nearly everyone in New Ork is somehow connected to illegal activity. This is less so the further out from the city you are.


Contrary to all the crime based out of New Ork, it is only visible and prevalent in the Capitol Hill zone, and even then it’s mostly theoretical wealth and not actual gold and jewels. Any coin, gold or precious gems belonging to the wealthy are kept as far away from New Ork as possible, or someone would attempt to steal (or kill!) for it. Banking firms based out of Baroque or the Sister Cities have several offices here that issue credit based upon deposits and holdings located at more secure parts of the world.

Politics and government

A puppet government, led by a relative of the King of the North, holds court on Capitol Hill but has little to no real authority. The real power is in the hands of a collective of crime bosses, including heads of the Thieves Guild, the Association of Sea Professionals (or ASP), regional Assassin’s Guild and several other criminal organizations. This ruling body of nine calls themselves the Hydra, referencing the 9-headed beast. All Hydra heads and their direct lieutenants are considered untouchable.

The New Ork regional army, navy and local sheriff’s department are directly controlled by the Hydra. Towns and villages can draw on this protection if needed, but typically have their own local law enforcement practices.


Economics of life in New Ork center around theft, both on the ground by the Thieves Guild, and on sea by the ASP. Most activity does not take place in their own back yard, but rather over distant shipping or trade routes. Materials, once appropriated, are then unloaded in yet another foreign entity, with payment or credit flowing through the corrupt banking system. Thus few stolen goods find their way to New Ork, rather most goods are imported and paid for as a means to launder ill-gotten funds.

Points of interest

The port system of New Ork outclasses even that of North Sister City, with berthing for thousands of ships, boats and barges. The Warf is a well-oiled machine that functions with little interference or direction from the Hydra.

New Ork is also home to the Watchers, an obscure and little-known group with an even more obscure and unknown purpose.

Neighboring Regions

Neighboring Cities/Towns