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Welcome to the ERTH Wiki, where you can find more details, information and descriptions about the various people, places and wondrous things of Erth. Erth is a fictional land created by American author E. Christopher. Eric, with parts of the novel located on the author’s blog: ERTH blog. Additionally, discussion forums are also available here: ERTH Forums. Please poke your head around, and feel free to leave any comments or suggestions in the Forums or on the Blog as we get this experiment rolling. As this is a work in progress, please pardon our dust as we add and improve content on almost a daily basis. Cheers!


Sometime around the mid-21st century, the planet Earth became ill due to long unresolved conflicts amongst its inhabitants. Talks failed, peace became an afterthought and war blossomed. Destruction and devastation became no longer a fear, but an expectation. One day, that expectation became reality.

No one knows for certain the length of time between the end of Earth and the start of Erth, but it is measured in centuries, possibly millennia. Nor does anyone know why people dropped the ‘a’ from Earth. “It just ceased to be there,” most stories say.

A few survived on the wastelands of the surface; some found refuge underground or in mountain caves. Eventually the survivors reformed into population centers, and life on Erth began again...

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