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E. Christopher Eric is an American author of speculative fiction, alternate realities and science fiction/fantasy. With an undergraduate degree in political science and an MBA concentrated in applications of high technology, he has a vision grounded in history yet trained to reach for the future. Cutting his teeth on the great works of Tolkien and C.S. Lewis as a wee youngster, he brings over 35 years of science fiction and fantasy thought to the table. Married to the love of his life, he has two teenage daughters who are infinitely smarter than he is and can prove it when asked. An avid outdoorsman, you’re apt to find him in the remote quadrants of North America, cooking dinner over an open campfire and counting the stars in the night sky. In the more mundane world of work he balances his time between chief data scientist and professorial duties for two universities. The author’s email is: echristophereric (-at-) gmail.com

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