Query Letter & Synopisis Done

It’s hard to condense your 200,000 word book down to 100 words or less. Very hard. Be great if there were some magical software that did it for you. Instead I had to agonize over selecting a few key words and sentences. But once complete, it was all worth it.

The synopsis was a bit easier, I only had to go from 200,000 words down to 300. Yeah, I’ll be honest, that was hard too. But again, when it was done it was a powerful feeling!

Revising Book I

So after careful planning to create a story line that runs through three books, some of the initial feedback on my work recommends making it just a single book, with sequel options open. This will increase my chances of publication without waiting for final editing of books 2 & 3. So, that said, I’m going to tweak the book a bit and make it a standalone, leaving enough open plot lines to roll easily into a 2nd and 3rd book.

Thus, whilst Query Letter and Synopsis are almost done, they are now paused until I re-write the ending. Still making progress!